So, Is It Dingle Balls Or Dingleballs?

What's inspiring me today? Fabric arts and Mexican dingle-ball things. Go figure. If you Google image search "Mexican dingle balls", you get the image below. I think that's really great. Sometime in the future, I plan to make a chair cover for one of our papasan getups.  I'll get the blankets from Mexico because I love the plaid, wool ones (so soft), and I can't resist adding dingle ball (dingleball?) trim: it's *just* my kind of obnoxious.


  1. your website is kind of nuts. i like it.

  2. Here is where my "advanced grammar" class actually comes in handy. Go figure. Dingle is not an adjective (It's a city in Ireland) so it cannot be separated from the word "balls" in this instance. Therefore, it has to be one word "dingleballs" :D Unless of course you are talking about balls from the City of Dingle. Then they could be Dingle Balls. You're welcome.

  3. MomBrose! =) Thanks are well deserved. You're officially on the My Favorite People list for that one. Don't get excited, it's not published or anything, but I keep it in my head, and it's a great list (if I do say so myself).


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