Sadly, I Am No Longer Awesome.

I spilled half a pint of high-gloss black enamel paint on the carpet yesterday evening.  It was tragic. My mind cringes because the recollection itself is bitter, like the taste of burnt garlic.  Which is much better than the smell of black enamel paint soaking into your apartment carpet, when what you really wanted to do was go get some cheap pizza and sing in the car the whole way there.

The pizza and the rockin' car ride never happened because it takes hours to unpaint the carpet.  I'm starting to think this was a really complicated way to get Kid to buy us new bath towels.  


  1. Oh no! That moment when the paint can tips and you can see where this is all going is the WORST (ask me how I know)!

  2. I'm SO ready for some reassurance that I'm not the only one to have committed such a heinous crime against carpet. What's your story?

  3. I wasn't even painting anything--just trying to get some things out of a high cabinet. It was like slow motion: elbow knocks paint can, paint can lid appears to be loose, can teeters for a second then begins a long slow descent with hands flailing to catch it, can bounces on carpet with a plume of burnt orange paint. It was a closet, thankfully. :)

  4. I have one too....
    I decided to paint my nails whilst sitting on the carpeted floor. Not a good idea I thought, but I got it handled. NOPE. The entire bottle of pink polished spilled on the carpet. There was no redeeming it. This is how I talked James into my wood floors. LOL

  5. In other news:
    Your home smells like Home Depot.


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