B Wants To Know Why We Switched Blogs & Laundry Detergents

I’m sitting down. I’ve got this two-thousand-dollar thing strapped to my cervical spine, projecting out some kind of magical magnetic field. It makes everything taste of metal in my mouth.

So you ask, “what the [holiest of holies]* are you going on about?” Or perhaps more appropriately, “why do I care?”

* if I were thinking it, the phrase in brackets would have just said “fuck.”

Or maybe you aren’t thinking at all, which is true of any of my friends reading this. Bugger off.
I wrote that earlier descriptive bit to explain why I am writing this blog: I have a phone. It has an app. Tumblr. It is mobile/on-the-go/not-on-PC blogging made easy.

This whole neck-cutting and spinal pissing-me-offy thing has made me severely dislike sitting in front of a computer. Which in turn has made posts from yours truly less frequent. And that’s no good because Sassy’s crazy. She wants to write about crazy stuff, like…well, pictures of unicorns making flowcharts and shit.
I swear too much for that.

So I wrote this on my phone. While this expensive pieceofshit magnet heals the whitecoat cutting-my-neck party that happened last June. So that you don’t have to see unicorns making flowcharts without me adding the word “fuck” to them.

kid ish

Sassy Gets Domestic All Up In Here

It's February, which we have already established hereWhat you don't know yet is what we've been up to since the holidays. Or since last week. I'm happy to say that I have a few pics and details to help you fill in the blanks, since we don't want anyone losing sleep.

1.  It's nearly the 100th day of school. Kids really, really, really care about this. I think it's a great excuse for dingleballs.

Dingleballs, google eyes, rhinestones and toes.
Oh my.
2.  I sewed a button onto a shirt, and it stayed on. The shirt had a hole on the pocket because I cut the original (ugly) button off (and did a piss-poor job of it) in 2008.
Welcome back, shirt.

3.  The Wailin' Jennys released a new album yesterday. Don't even get me started, these ladies are golden. Inspired. I do my best to sing every song and every part on every album, it's like vocal meditation... but they do it best. Download their sweet, bluegrass-folk melodies here.
 $6.99 for MP3 download, it's a steal.

4.  I'm drawing a new mandala. I do new ones every few months, then give them away. The act of making them is meditation for me; the act of giving them away also gives me joy. It's generally a win-win situation.

Work-in-progress, pencil and watercolor

5.  I made Pork Chops and Applesauce from scratch and nobody died or got sick. I get nervous with pork because I never remember to stick a thermometer in the meat. Aside from that, I never follow recipes exactly. (Did you expect that I would?) I added cranberries instead of raisins because raisins are disgusting. It still turned out porktastic, the boys ate it all, and I enjoyed making it. Thanks for the recipe, Rachel. You're a doll.

This is hers. I don't take pictures
of my food before I eat it, sorry guys.

That's about all for today, folks. If you hate the new blog layout, please kiss off. Sassy didn't get any HTMElves for Christmas. But if you LOVE it, then please consider the comments section your personal free-for-all. I will be mailing reward points to the ones I like best. We love you all dearly. I need to go reheat my coffee now.

Wait, It's February Already?

Things have been busy. 
But don't you worry, all is well. (We just don't have time to write about it.)  

This should help.

By the way, Happy Bill Murray Day!