Graphic Design(er) Of The Future(r) (Err...?)

I'm bored and Sassy isn't at the computer (say, like, working or something). I don't even think she's in the building; I could call out, but that sort of ruins the mystery now doesn't it?

These are a greatest hits of my MS Paint designs. Why? I don't know. Either do you. Let's have a blast.

Let's start with some stuff I messed with.


...no idea


Bronx said it was ok

And now we get to the more interesting stuff: entire creations designed by me. In Paint!

But he died flipping you off

Join us


All of these are very seriously copyrighted and all that. Seriously. Pow.

I may uncover some more in the future, but today is not that future-day.


  1. Shoot, can't see the images at work.
    Should have sued whatever hosting site you used for the vampire pics, jerk.

  2. This is some serious shit, pure talent!

  3. I love how I've become a muse.

  4. This has inspired me to find my old Photobucket account, back from the days of boring cubicle jobs and too much time/energy on my hands. 2006 was a big year for me and Photoshop. Stay tuned...


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