Improve Your Handwriting Or We're All Gonna Die

Just kidding. Or am I?
You should probably read this.

Yesterday morning my boss thoughtfully sent me a link to an article about typography-lovers, thinking I'd be interested. Naturally, I was all over it. The piece got me thinking about things...I mean, aside from, "Oh, that's like our apartment!" and "I love typographica.org too."  While the article is interesting, it also brings to light the annoying commercial popularity that type and text are enjoying right now. I attribute the recent hipster fascinations with type (in large part) to quality handwriting and printing going the way of the bald eagle – highly sought after and getting increasingly harder to find. The fact is that well-executed, handwritten signs or well, anything, is a rarity these days.

I didn't say "dodo bird" on purpose. Bald Eagle.


I do not like doing my billing for last weeks' time. Why, you ask? Because I don't remember everything I did last week. What to do now, you ask? Now I must go piece it back together, like Sherlock Holmes going through my Outlook 'Sent' folder.

I do this every week...and have been for 3 + years.

Why don't I ever learn to do this on a daily basis, you ask? That's a good question, smartypants. I ask you this: who wants to do something that sucks every day, when you could do something that sucks once a week?  Mmm-hmm. My logic is flawed, but brilliantly so.

The iPhone Can Blog

It is fairly easy these days to publish content from virtually anywhere. I have a data plan on a mobile device featuring an HTML browser. (Alternatively, blogging/website platforms Word Press and Tumblr have mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices.) The options seem limitless.