I Can't Decide, Please Help Me.

In my "free" time I'm setting up my long-overdue portfolio website. It's a process I've been spreading out over the past year, building the site, deleting the site when I thought it was stupid, rebuilding it again, and creating/collecting content in the meantime.  

It's a lot of work. I'm constantly surprised by this, but I'm attempting to create a portfolio site that's not going to be a pain in the ass to maintain. Let me be super clear about this: I. HATE. ADMIN-WORK. I've just realized this recently, in fact; I always thought I liked it because I'm fairly good at it. It turns out:

 Not having admin-work to do  >  Having admin-work to do

Brilliant, I know. ANYway...I'm going for Functionality + Aethestics + Sustainability, see? I don't think that's asking for the moon or anything...but, I'll admit it's cost me some time and energy. Happily, though. At least the knowledge gained from all my banging around can be used in a professional sense, so it's not wasted time. (Just not billable time.)

So, I'm having trouble deciding which logo to use for my site, but I know I want to use one. I have these two in mind, but as Kid deftly pointed out, I do not have four "G"s in my name. This is true. I didn't really think that one through, I just started messing with crap in Illustrator. 

 Help me choose one? 


  1. I like both. I like the center graphic on the first and your name with the second. Mostly I like you. :)

  2. That one instance of a semi-colon there after "in fact" should be a colon. And why is "ANY" so goddamn important to capitalize? Reading this pissed me off, because a cute chick like you should b able to write better, mostly so your writer significant other (I heard that's me) can read this shit without blowing a lid.

  3. Also, I agree with this other person on the logo thing.

  4. I love the second logo and would agree with Kid about the G's.

    On another note I hope the Kid NEVER reads anything I write!!! LOL


  5. Logo should be a pair of balls with a hammer on top.
    I'll draw it up if you want, I am sure I've got crayons somewhere in my desk.

  6. Bronx, that's brilliant. I'm going to get that as a tattoo though. On my neck.


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