My Soul Is Screwed (In)

This is the handiwork of science and surgeons (not sturgeons, which taste terribly fishy, and fish is not something that will be going down the gullet you see here). There's some screws, a metal plate, and a cadaver bone betwixt them.

This is my outside. Not nearly as fun.
Kinda like a spider bite

This is where the fun starts.
In case you didn't know, this is "upright"

LOLZOMG so is this one!


  1. I bet you've been dying to use the word "betwixt" for quite some time now, huh?
    Damned Frankenstein creature.

  2. I always thought Wolverine was sexy, too bad it's not adamantium. =) In other news, I'm going to paint your fingernails if you don't cut them. Whoot whoot. <3

  3. You two are making me look sane.

  4. A room full of Bellevue mental patients couldn't make you look sane.

  5. You could make it look like a vampire bite...that's SO IN right now!


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