Corporate Ramblings And Photoshop Phun

I learned the more involved facets of graphic design, print prep and typography in mid-2005, just after the kiddo was born. In mid-2006, I needed to find a new job because life was moving in a divorced direction, and my graphic design job with the soon-to-be-ex-in-laws was getting a little awkward for us all. 

That's how I ended up in mid-2006 with an office job, my own cubicle and everything. The cubicle had foamy/fabric-y parts for pinning things to and a whiteboard to draw to-do lists on, which was nice. There were small, zippy red accents strewn about. And in all sincerity, I'd be a total douchebag to complain because I had my own printer and nobody else in HR got their own printer unless they had their own office already.

Yeah, I said HR. I worked in the HR department.  Can you believe it?  So naturally, I made friends with everyone in the IT department. When in the presence of corporate bureaucracy, I naturally gravitate toward the Information Technology sector. (Because computer nerds are naturally cooler than everybody; it comes from the deep-seated security in knowing that they are absolutely needed and necessary.) There is power in the knowledge that somehow in every company, there are still people who don't know how to restart their computer or archive their emails. (How they get to work alive and unharmed is beyond me.)  This particular IT group had boatloads of patience for tech-tarded consultants, and managed to keep an especially great sense of humor and team spirit and crap like that. A select handful of us 'others' (i.e. not IT people) recognized how great this was and would pal around with them. I got them to like me by impressing them with Monty Python quotes.

The reason I bring it up is because last week I unearthed a wholly-unforgotten Photobucket account from 2006 and 2007. Back then, our fun little group would get bored and goofy at times, and do highly unprofessional hilarious things like the images below. Only on our lunch breaks and after work hours, of course.


Disney had these awful little cartoon singy-things that were on while I was getting ready in the morning (remember, I had a one year old). I found this one especially terrifying, and therefore, awesome. As you might imagine, my friend Daniel was not a fan. Hehe.

Superimposing faces onto movie posters?
Always a good time.

Aw.  Sal had the best sense of humor. He survived the all-girl HR department several times a day, as he delivered our mail. It was like an estrogen gauntlet of feelings and warm fuzzies every single day.

One of the guys shared a story about his weekend. I had some friendly advice for him:

Famous people came to the company holiday party, even though it was held in January (to save money). I like Yoda's shoes. 

But fights were always breaking out, see?

So, the story with this one is I got my brown belt in Karate (or something?) and was going to have a beer at Disneyland and kick some princess-ass. Because let's face it, prissy princesses need some ass-kicking. (This is what comes of margaritas at lunch, I'm pretty sure. Which I never did, because I'm perfect.)

In closing, I looked really terrible in a group birthday photo, so I doctored it up a bit:


  1. Awesome! Love office humor. AND the photo editing makes it all fun!

  2. You meant "phun." It's ok, Sassy's only a little disappointed. (I took away the sharp knife.)

  3. Bahahaha. Sorry, must have been a typo my spell check did not catch.


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