What's In A Word?

I was listening to the grand shuffle of my preferred digital media container, and this song ("Loving, Self Loathing" by Smoke or Fire) came on. Play it while you read, perhaps.

You ever listen to that Violent Femmes song "Blister in the Sun" (here) and think to yourself, "kite is a funny word"? Because it is. Kite and white.

Season Of Busy Pants

It's Christmas time. In case you hadn't noticed. We've noticed, because we've been busy. In fact, everyone is busier during the holidays. And the thing is, for all we tell everyone how busy we are (and hear how busy they are as well) doing the million and one little things necessary for a "nice" holiday season, preparing for what is to come, all that shit - we probably spend more time with our friends and families during the month of December than any other time of the year. Because if being busy is a sort of barometer for how loved someone is, then we are a fucking loved society. So strictly speaking, when someone says "I haven't had time to catch up with this or that," if it's December, chances are what they are really saying is, "this or that is pretty low on my list of priorities. Far below the happy hour with coworkers or the movie night with girlfriends - annual tradition!"