Today is Monday; Tomorrow is Apocalypse.

This is a very personal sort of post, one I will contemplate even "publishing" online because of its very private nature. It is a journal entry in the purest form. So bare with me as I expose my vulnerability. 

Tomorrow I have surgery. It really sort of pisses me the fuck off, because I can't have a drink of water after midnight, and I don't check in the next day until like 10:10, and that's a whole lot of water and Denny's I could be enjoying, but oh no don't have a drink of water because we're going to stick tubes down your throat later.

See, this is really personal shit here.


  1. So does that mean you're not taking me out to breakfast before your surgery?

  2. Oh no, I'll still take you. Wouldn't want you missing a meal on account of me.

  3. Haha. As if I'm going to risk even taking a drink of water in front of you after midnight. Pfffffffft.

  4. You were clearly overreacting here.
    Hope you've had enough water by now, big baby.


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