I Believe In You

Oh, honey...you know ALL the answers, remember? 
I'm sure you'll figure out where my laundry goes.


  1. No, no, I figured it out: there's a special spot on the floor between the bed and the desk where they go. Also have I mentioned that you keep a kinda dirty room? •snicker•

  2. Kid can you come teach my man how to put away laundry? He has his own closet and all the laundry, clean and dirty, is pilled on the ground. AND HE WONDERS WHY HE CAN'T FIND CLEAN PANTIES TO WEAR!?!?!?!


  3. What's to teach? You mentioned his closet situation, and I think, "that sounds about right, fuck yeah, time for a shot." Then I realize I'm at work, and on copious amounts of pain meds, and a shot is not forthcoming anyway at 8:50 in the morning, and I shed a tear for all the men whose significant others want them to pick up the shit on the floor in their closets -- perfectly organized, understandable shit on the floor.


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