Pseudo Goals

I feel like a blog should have goals, or at least pretend like it does. You might be surprised to know that in spite of being atypically absurd even on my best days, I still prefer to have goals attached to most things.  It's the follow-through I struggle with.  So, in light of us finally starting this blog we've been talking about for six months, I present you with MY set of pseudo-goals.   
 1.  Be better at follow-through. 
The hope is that I'll see goals I've written about, and hold myself to them.  Or something like that.  I'll get back to this later.
 2.  Choose your words carefully, think about what you mean to say/write. 
Self-editing is good.  Needing to do it ALL the time, not so good. 
 3.  Stop apologizing for yourself all the damn time. 
It was annoying when the girl on Next Food Network Star did it, so it's a habit you're going to break.  I mean, if I choose my words more carefully, I won't need to apologize so much, will I?  Right. 
 4.  Don't get hung up on the formatting. 
I've started blogs/websites several times, but never launch because I can't settle on the format.  It's what I do for a living, but this isn't supposed to be work, you know?  For example, I hate the default font for this thing.  Within 5 minutes of setting up the blog, I was looking for ways to change it.  Help!  STOP ME, PLEASE. 
 5.  Type longer sentences.  
Re-reading this stuff is going to eventually give you a seizure, or people will think you are incapable of forming complex thoughts. I know, right?  But it's not true. That's just how I think. I mean, if you put a few of the short sentences together in a meaningful way, sometimes that shit makes sense.  I'm just saying. 
 6.  It's my blog, I can talk to myself if I want to. 
I do it all the time, I exist in my head.  Are there people who don't do this?  I want to meet them. Actually, scratch that.  They're probably boring.
I'm sure we'll add more rules/goals/etc as time goes on, I think of crap like this in the shower.


  1. You can type the shorter sentences. I'll be writing longer sentences for the both of us -- and many of them will have at least one parenthetical reference in them, sometimes more.

  2. I love parentheses....they're a great excuse to digress all over the place. Good times.


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