Considerations Before The Holiday

Public schools and their political correctness make for silly bedfellows at times. The word "Thanksgiving" doesn't seem to be tied into anything overtly religious; the title says thanks, not "praise the Lord." So I found it interesting when the Child came home from school insisting it was called "Turkey Day," because that is what the teacher was telling all the kids to call it. Since the inoffensive Thanksgiving Day moniker is, obviously, too offensive. Hence why she didn't check spelling...

Hoppy Thonksgiving

Sassy and I have discussed and pretty much agreed on doing some redesigns for the blog. We're both creative folks, we enjoy making things, so I think it is more of a given we'd fuss about some rather than just let this stay static. This is some real anticipatory news here, I hope I didn't cause anyone alarm.

Sassy said "no" to this redesign

I wanted to come clean to you, my friends. I had one cigar (or so) at the wedding. I had brought quite a few to pass out among family and whatnot, so I had to have at least one - that's how it works. You offer cigars, then go smoke one with everyone you offered them to. So I had that one. I may have had another while Sass and I went out to the car to make sure our gift was properly wrapped and sealed. (This was not done beforehand because, being in the wedding, we were quite busy.) And then I may have had one more in the hotel room just because it was a smoking room, and how often do you find yourself in one of those? I owed it to all smoking rooms everywhere to smoke that one.

Just what I wanted...

Sassy was complimented quite a bit for her style this past Saturday. An older lady declared, after thinking about it an uncomfortably long amount of time, Sassy was channeling Natalie Wood. I'm not an expert on bloody "looks" or anything - so I couldn't say if it was Natalie Wood or any number of the other ladies' names bandied about. But I know she looked good. And she had a glowing smile every time I saw her, so maybe I was doing something right that night too.

She looks good

We [probably] hope [mostly] everyone has a nice holiday weekend with their family and friends.


  1. Thonksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Let's redesign our blog with CATS. And I look like I'm going to sneeze in that picture. (Gawsh, I love that coat.)

  2. Thonksgiving sounds like a holiday for bopping someone. I like it :D.

    The Cats redesign sounds like a good idea too as you can never have enough pussy floating around. ;)

  3. I will thonk both of you.

    (See, to me it just seems like a bonk to the head.)

  4. Unicorns and rainbows.
    I despise cats. (Sorry Kid)

  5. do they give you that jacket for free when you purchase a 1988 Ford Ranger?


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