Ella's Still Entertaining But That Depends On What You Find Entertaining (Plus A Few Other Things)

First of all, forget what you thought you knew. Ella Fitzgerald is not dead. She is alive and well, and she is on Facebook. And apparently, there are people in this world who like what she has to say, dammit.

That is depressing. You might want to note that I grabbed that tasty little screen shot only six minutes after she posted. Here's how things were going after about an hour:

103 people like it. 130 have something to say to Ella about what they're doing this weekend.



...so in light of our little lesson here, I'd like to point out that although I may spend too much time on Facebook, at least I'm not talking to dead people. About nothing. 

Another thing you should know is that Kid and Sassy will be in and at a wedding this weekend. We plan to look amazing, but don't tell the paparazzi. I'm so sick of them.

I'd like to leave you on a somewhat serious note, if you can believe it. Some of you might recall the mandala I created a few months ago, discussed here in further detail. After finishing the piece and staring at it for a few months, I decided it needed to go. It was something I created to bring myself joy, and I felt like the next step was to pass it along. So I did, to a sweet little angel named Ava Sky. I've never met her. Or her mom, in fact. But her mom and I are work colleagues, pen-pals, and close friends who look forward to  one day sharing a bottle of wine and stories and special friendship-ish moments together. (I should point out that she lives in Portland and I am in Southern California). I was honored to send the mandala to Ava, who calls it her "Jewel" and carries it around with her. 

Serendipity has great accessories.
This picture made my week. I can't imagine a better home for the mandala. Thank you, Ina & Ava.


  1. Exploitation of the dead is common place on Social Networking Websites. Some do it for attention, some do it for fun, and some do it to be cruel.

  2. Oh, my dear AncientWolf13. You make a salient point about people's disrespectful behavior toward dead people on Teh Internets.

    .....I feel kinda bad for posting about it now.

    Thanks a LOT, jerkface.

  3. Wolf's just mad his Ol' Dirty Bastard Facebook page he was running went under.

  4. I am intrigued by your little work colleague! How did that come about?

  5. Haha, I should specify that her Mom is my work colleage!
    We're both consultants for the same firm; she's in Portland, I'm here...telecommuting is magical like that. I love it.


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