Buying Things

Let's start with a song. Give it a spin while you read. It's an older number but always a good one.

Sassy was able to experience her first day-after-Thanksgiving bowling tournament this year. Which really, when you come right down to it - and you're coming right down to it, aren't you? - was the highlight of Sassy's entire year. She's had a lot going on in her life, no doubt, and she tells people it's been a positive year and suchlike. So take that into consideration when I say again, bowling was what Sassy will remember most about 2010.

I just did some crazy shit with the control key and some other magical key that switched between my tabs - not windows, or even applications - but fucking tabs. And I wish I knew what button I pressed.

Back on track here. I got excited. Here is a picture.

...just don't block the TVs...

Now I want to explain something. I had convinced the bowling alley counter guy (his official title) that putting the hockey game up on the screens around our lanes was a good idea, and he complied with my conviction. Therefore, hockey was on. Not just any hockey game, but the Ducks-Hawks game, where the new Anaheim third jerseys were unveiled. I was somewhat excited, hence why I wasn't looking at the camera.

Sadly the D doesn't stand for Dongs

The jerseys are interesting, to say the least, but I like them overall. I'll likely end up with one someday.

Now, watching hockey while drinking and bowling all at once is quite a bit going on. But I want to assure you, readers - and now we can all of us sleep well tonight - I still bowled pretty decently for a guy who had neck surgery the other month.

So perfect, it doesn't need words

You don't get form like this without years of practice. Years! (Some people may remember the weekly bowling nights we'd run every Thursday back in school. Nothing beat dollar games.) Actually, the back/neck area held up pretty good that day, I was surprised. I was pretty sore and tired by the end of it, but that's to be expected, considering. Although my ball is over 10 pounds, so hopefully that whole weight limitation thing is just cautionary. Too late now, of course.

I titled this post "Buying Things," but honestly, I have no idea why. I suppose because of the season and the deals and the shipping and the Amazon boxes which have now become a staple to most American families around the holidays. But I have apparently changed the mind I originally set to this, because who cares about my shopping habits.

Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews are probably the greatest candy in all creation. Today, anyway.


  1. Now I'm set to take over the world, that was the last piece I needed.

  2. I feel like all I DID was buy things today! PHEW. But at least the holiday shopping is done.

    Also, I'm glad one of us blogged this week.
    Cuz I've been busy.

    Buying things.


  3. Also, CTRL + TAB does absolutely nothing in Chrome. I tried it five times.

    Wait, what's that smoke coming out of my monitor?


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