I Know What New Yorkers Are Complaining About

Last week Wired magazine posted an infographic that visualizes a week's worth of calls to New York City's 311 complaint line and segments them by time of day.  They made use of Lee Byron's streamgraph method to create a visually arresting image, but the results were a letdown (if you ask me). Take a look for yourself here; these complaints are a borefest. I'm not judging, I'm just saying I thought New Yorkers would come up with some more interesting things to complain about. I mean, they're in NEW YORK for crying out loud. Chlorofluorocarbon recovery? Puh-leeeze. You can do better than that, guys.

This is not real.


  1. I was hoping my Kid Ish complaints would rank higher.
    Honestly, the actual main complaints would probably be potholes , no heat/hot water, and questions asking if alternate side parking was in effect.
    But these are probably based on Manhattan where the whiny rich folk dwell.

  2. The pigeons mention was special for you, B. PIGEONS = RATS

  3. Poor people... hahahaha. Not that poverty is humourous, it most certainly is not, but just the idea of them being a complaint makes me laugh.

    Here is what I don't understand... Is this real?


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