Writing...Possibly...One Day

I've been entertaining a notion of writing some fiction and posting it on here. It isn't any of my planned fiction -- by which I should admit to not working on very frequently -- but more of a spontaneous, episodic, I write whatever I want kind of thing, but within the boundaries of what I've created already. That's a cumbersome way of saying I'm going to write short stories set within a world I made up for other stories but will now shamelessly exploit. 

The two characters will be Matthias Machabeli, a saint who replaced Judas Iscariot after he "committed suicide," and Coriander Meier, who woke up in his bedroom one morning and really wished, at times, she hadn't. This is that kind of story.

A weird kind of story. I'd tell you more, except I haven't got anymore at the moment, because I hadn't really given more details to this beyond naming characters and scanning a couple random sketches to appease those who like visuals, like Sassy.

The nice part about this is that I don't have to actually follow-through with writing in any particular length of time. Or, really, at all. Yes, I rather like the lack of pressure and potential for procrastination inherent in this entire notion. This is brilliant.

So what we've actually accomplished here today: Kid told you he had an idea, and he might even be serious about it, but chances are slim on this idea coming to fruition. Then again, having low expectations and being blown the fuck away makes a big impression.


  1. "Then again, having low expectations and being blown the fuck away makes a big impression."

    ilold. Way to set the bar low, you clever fella. There's nowhere to go but up, now.

  2. Shit, I've always wanted to write movie scripts and comic books as well as work on my own short stories, but I'm far too lazy.
    Besides, I'd have no clue how to "get it out there" to the world.
    I'm a waste.
    By the way, those names are really fucking retarded, thought I'd point that out, but I still support you because I love you and want to have a man baby with you that isn't composed of mainly food.
    Also, I can only assume Mathias, the bad ass version of the lamer "Matthew" , is an extension of yourself and your attempt at projecting, so hey, have at you.
    We should write for Marvel, we fucking should.

  3. I was waiting for that. No, Saint Matthias is a real dude. If they had picked Justus instead of Matthias, then it'd have been that name.

    I did pick Coriander though. Fuck off.

  4. I would say I am going to "stay tuned" for actual stories, but it seems like it may not happen. So hurray for your nice drawings...and names of characters...

  5. I'm going to spite both of you and write a story today. OUT OF SPITE! HAVE AT YOU!

  6. Well, I LOVE coriander. Especially with garlic.

  7. I understand where Mathias comes from, I also understand that your motherfucking name is Matthew.
    1 + 1 = ?
    Shut up.

  8. 1 + 1 = 5 when you use spic birth control, guy whose first name is rooted in Ireland.

  9. Hey, guess what?
    Fuck you.
    That's what.
    With your Hebrew ass name like my Spic ass Heeb named kids.

  10. How very "meta" of you. Is writing about the writing of fiction also fiction? Will we ever know? Awesome.


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