Community Helpers Are Your Friends

Today we helped out in Kindergarten for Community Helper Day, impressing all 65 of them with our verbose humor and musical prowess. They came to our station in sets of five, for five minutes at a time. You don't understand how much time that really is until you try to keep a bunch of five year olds focused for that long. They were fascinated by us for 30 seconds before wanting "crazy music" or to touch the guitar/mandolin or to inform us of what their Halloween costumes were. With the four and half minutes eternity we had left we quickly started a game of musical chairs each time, while vowing to respect the hell out of Kindergarten teachers for the rest of our lives. 

We are exhausted but quite proud of ourselves; our fake band has expanded its fanbase by 450%. Also, the kiddo was dressed as a musician for our getup, with the ukulele and rockstar shirt and everything. Then he stood up and announced he was the Mailman. But whatever. Kids really do say the darndest things, and half the time we don't know what he's talking about anyway so we smile and nod. 

In light of our fortuitous morning, please enjoy the following video. You can say anything you want in the comments, but it's Friday and it's our blog. HAHAH.


  1. Good people help! Kiddos to you....

    Your cat and youtube addiction are fucking worrisome.

  2. Hmmm... Are you available for bookings?

  3. Holy shit!
    Is that cat riding a Tortoise??
    OH MY GOD!
    I can't even balance my kids on a tortoise, let alone a cat.
    This is the greatest video in the history of youtube.
    Oh, and congrats on your band and stuff, yeah.
    OH MY GOD!

  4. Joy, I checked with my agent and the answer is yes. It's only .95 million dollars. (I got you a discount.)


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