Quick Shots

Blog posts are going to be a bit rarer around here until at least November. There are some reasons for this, and they are as follows:

#1. My book deadline is November 4th, I think. I should know this, but all I know right now is good, and ball, and...

#2. Sassy is hot. That distracts me from my distractions, such as blog writing.

#3. Hockey season. Toronto is 3-0. Anaheim still exists, but they are boring as hell to watch. I'll have to get into this in a future post, but I've noticed a trend so far this season: the East is faster than the West. Games between teams in the East are wild shootouts, just back-and-forth action that is exciting to watch. Games between Western teams are more defensive oriented, it seems -- slower paced and emphasizing puck possession. It's pretty plodding, but maybe I'm biased because I'm a big Leafs fan.

The list has ended. This is extra. Sassy introduced me to an artist I don't hate. This is a rarer occurrence, not necessarily because she listens to crappy music, but because I'm so entirely set in what I like already. But as she can now attest, I like variety too. As long as it doesn't suck. So here, a treat for some, perhaps:

Ish, out.


  1. That band is terrible, I raped my ears for three minutes, fuck you guys.

  2. Pretty much reaffirms why I posted it...yup, I'm pleased.

  3. Yeah the East is much faster than the West from the games I watched so far. And like I said before I have a feeling the Leafs are in the playoffs this year. Now the Flyers need to stop playing sloppy, that game was annoying last night all the missed passes and turnovers. The only time the team looked solid was on the penalty kill which they had their best scoring chances of the game.

  4. I'm hesitant to opine about the Leafs. Whenever I start really thinking they can go somewhere...they don't. So I'm just going to enjoy how they're playing now instead!

  5. Nevermind, I just googled it. My soul died a little bit, but I'll recover.

  6. I don't even want to google what a hand banana is. It sounds super dirty and that is even more disturbing because the picture looks like one of my kinder's accidental phallic pieces of art.

  7. That little dead part of my soul just giggled a bit. But honestly? Never google it. RUN AWAY.

    I'm mortified that the picture of it is attached to my Facebook post linking here.

    Shame on whichever kinder invented hand banana. >:(

  8. Oh boo. You said NEVER google, which my brain reads as "google or die." So I did. And now I am a little sick.

    Anal raping really shouldn't happen at all and especially not stuffed animals involved.

    I would have censored myself with that, but since I read the word "fuck" on almost every single post, I don't really feel the need.

  9. FUck fuck fuck fuck. I despise this day. Fuck the rain. fuck the stupid puddles. Fuck the worms. fuck a broken umbrella.

    sigh.... today was terrible.

    this is the only cyber place where i feel safe writing that. It is has nothing to do with the hand banana, but fuck that thing too.

  10. Why you gotta hate on hand banana?

    If you work with more five/six year olds than the one I have to deal with, you can say "fuck" times infinity.

    I'll still have said it more than you in one day. Heh.

  11. I fucking love this blog!
    Today (one day late) has been a bad fucking day for me.

    But I feel a little better now that I said fuck.


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