Variations On Brilliance (Or Kid Is Bored)

It's August already. I'm all like, "yo it's August already," and everyone else is like, "yeah, you looked at a calender then, we take it," and I follow up with a, "damn straight, let's do this." (And "this" is user-defined by experience.)

To commemorate the passing of time, which I have way too much of currently (and don't worry, I'm more distressed about it than you are, dear...you, whoever you are), I have put together this greatest of music posts. Ever.

p.s. only videos #1 and #3 have content worth "watching," but the "listening" ain't broke on none of them, I assure you.

Our starting point:

A fairly generic cover:

Another cover, this one slightly more exciting:

And then a cover blown completely to smithereens:


  1. If you want to watch a hilariously horrible rendition of Take On Me (Well to be honest, the video is what's funny, the music is just pretty bad) then go here-


    Sincerely (please don't kill me for that link),

  2. For some stupid reason I cannot see any of the links/videos. :( boo



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