You Don't Get "It"

To start: click play and listen to the tunes while reading. Then you will be in the appropriate "special place" for this post.

And today's post is about one thing: 
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is noteworthy because it is multiplayer and is a dungeon crawler, in a side-scrolling sort of way. Look, you have to grind is what I'm saying. And like anyone knows, giving a gamer a game with grinding (and alliteration) is like giving said gamer crack. In fact, if said grinding game is multiplayer, then it is even better than watching someone tweak out to schrooms. Probably. I've never seen it, but it doesn't take much imagination to imagine such a thing, amirite?

Crazy town

What makes this game studly, aside from playing with me and Bronx, is that people run around each map like crazy little chickens, yelling warnings and such...it's hysterical. Ask Sassy, she wishes she could hear more than just my portion of the conversation. Some examples of conversations that occur:
"Follow me through here, but don't hit that switch."
"Through where, I don't see you?"
"I'm wearing these wing shoes, they go faster than everything else. Just go up one and right through there. And don't hit that switch."
*hits switch*

"Ah, sorry I died guys. I'm using Charlotte, what do you expect?"
(In this game, death hurts your team's time limit and ability to beat levels.)

"Ish, are you at the boss yet?"
"Is he that big guy who shoots lasers out of his ___?"
"Yeah, in the map's corner..."
"...yeah, I'm already there. I'm whacking at his little feet booties. He's, um, kinda killing me though."
"You were supposed to wait for us."

That being said, don't ever play your first time with Bronx, because he has these shoes that make him run faster than everyone, so following him around is exceedingly difficult.

So anyway, this is the game sweeping the household at the moment. Well, sweeping away moments of my free-time, in any event. But that's fine, Sassy was getting tired of me going through a book every two days. I was running low, which she figured impossible with so many books, but she doesn't even know. 

She's smart, she'll learn why record stores and bookstores are off-limits for me. (They really, really are.)


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I can feel that Castlevania itch starting to come on.

  2. I totally understand. Recently got Castle Crashers and it's the same scenario. Thankfully, it forces people into the same screen, so we don't have to deal with people wandering aimlessly getting murdered.

  3. Castle Crashers is mad good. My LIVE name is Kid Ish. (WOW, huh.) Add me if you ever want to run it.

  4. I have it no PS3, so no playing on Live for me. :(

  5. Dude, I call it CRACKslevania, because it is so addicting.
    I think we should record our game chat sessions and replay them in front of a live studio audience, it can be it's own TV show and would be funnier than anything ever.
    you've leveled up significantly in the last week man, it's a better accolade than being promoted at work!
    See you on tonight!



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