I Before E Except After C, And Sometimes...Why?

What do you do when you have too many small ideas to blog about, not many big ones, and even less time? I'll tell you: it's LIST MAKING TIME. Whoot. I love lists, and I have 20 minutes before my next call. Go time. 

1.  "i" Before "e" except after "c", and sometimes...why can't I ever spell recieved "received" correctly the first time? Because I've taught myself to do it wrong for 25+ years. Old (bad) habits die hard.  Hug your spellchecker, because without it we'd all look like idiots. 

2.  Dante clued us in to the levels of hell in his Divine Comedy, but he neglected to list the Elementary School Parking Lot as Level 10. I discovered it during that first week of Kindergarten. 

3.  Data visualization is a large part of what I do in my design work. This firm is a rockstar of the industry, and this infographic (Wanderwort: exported German words used around the world) is right up my alley.  I love this stuff almost as much as I love shoes. Almost. 

4.  We know a website called www.dapperstache.com is going to be good because they have part of the word "mustache" in the name.  That alone makes them noteworthy, but then they published the Periodic Table of Awesoments and well...it's pretty awesome. I'm glad to see that Boobs (13 Bb) and Christopher Walken (87 Wn) made the list. Also, note that Chuck Norris doesn't get an element abbreviation. That's because NOBODY ABBREVIATES CHUCK NORRIS.

5.  Do you love someone? Do you want to call them something that is NOT their actual name, but you're worried you'll offend? Now you CAN, without those embarassing slip-ups. Relax and read on: before you text your sweet poopsy-woopsie, simply click here to check your handy Terms of Endearment website (now with gender-specific terms and cautionary notes!), and make sure his/her new nickname doesn't land you on the couch for the night. Editor's note: I honestly don't know if "beautitful" is a typo or not. 


  1. This makes me want to make the links stand out more!

  2. GREAT link. (BTW I am going to have to agree with Kid..hard to see the link)
    Reminds me of a book I need to bring you to borrow.."the big book of filth" 6500 sex slang words and phrases. It's a hoot.

  3. ...you may not want to encourage our already filthy linguistic patterns. Or, rather, my filthy...fuck it, bring it to borrow.

    I'll fix the links this weekend.

  4. BRINGING IT tonight! Even gives you what year/decade/century the word was most popular. I view it as education.

  5. Take a moment to reconsider your offer, because I want to steal this book from you now.

  6. I will let you borrow for an extended period of time.....
    Please disregard random stains that mark up the cover and pages...don't know what they are from.....

    *hahahabahaha, evil cackle!

  7. I LOLd! I'm sure we'll add some of our own, I'll be sure to put a post-it on those pages for you.

  8. Anne-marie, you are disgusting.

    As for the data visualisation.... The beauty of that makes me cry. Real tears.

  9. Sassy wants to borrow this book because she really, really wants to keep up with some of the verbal-visual magic I inspire already. This book will be trouble. Heh.

    And there are other people out there who like design graphics and suchlike?

    Does not compute.

  10. Jmama, you know you appreciate my disgusting!


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